Cross eBikes

Cross eBikes


So you’re looking for an eBike that runs as well on asphalt as it does on forest and dirt tracks? One you can use to get to work in the morning and take for a spin through the woods in the evening? Our SDURO Cross eBikes are perfect for everyone who can’t decide between a mountain bike and a trekking bike because they combine the best of both worlds: comfort and sportiness. Our Cross eBikes are real all-rounders, offering you any amount of flexibility. Thanks to their comfortable geometry, you can enjoy a relaxed ride, even over longer distances. Powerful motors from Yamaha or Bosch and top-quality components bring you safely and reliably to any destination. In short: our Cross eBikes are as varied as your eBike adventures, allowing you to discover new rides again and again.

If you’re looking for an eBike with a wide range of uses, you’re sure to find the right bike among our Cross eBike models.

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