What drives us year after year is the challenge of making the previously unthinkable achievable. Away from prescribed rules, always searching for new, smart solutions that give real benefits to our drivers. That’s why we integrate batteries into our frames, combining modern design with smart technology. That’s why we develop concepts that make mounting accessories on an eMountainbike easier than ever before. That’s why we combine Downhill Fun with Uphill Flow. That’s why we are ePerformance.

Xduro Dwnhll Award

Xduro Dwnhill 10.0

Red Dot Design Award 2018

MRS Award

MRS system

Design & innovation award 2018

Xduro IF Award


IF Design Award 2018



  • Design & Innovation Award: XDURO AllMtn 8.0


  • Design & Innovation Award: Haibike Modular Rail System (MRS)
  • iF Design Award: XDURO Nduro 8.0
  • World Of MTB Test Winner: XDURO AllMtn 10.0
  • eMTB News 'Editor's Choice': XDURO Nduro 9.0


  • eMountainbike Magazine: Best Brand 2017
  • Design & Innovation Award: Haibike eConnect Connectivity System
  • iF Design Award: SDURO AllMtn 8.0
  • Tour 'Test Tiagra-Racer' Rating 2.8: SEET Race 2.0
  • Tour 'Race Bike Test' Rating 2.2: Affair 6.0
  • Tour 'Test Racing Bycicles for Women' Rating 2.0: Affair Life 3.0
  • ExtraEnergy Test Winner: SDURO Trekking 4.0
  • ExtraEnergy Test Winner: SDURO Trekking S 6.0
  • eBike 'The Pedelec-Magazine' Rating 2.2: SDURO AllMtn 6.0


  • eMountainbike Magazine: Best Brand 2016
  • eMTB Magazine: Readers' Choice "Best Brand"
  • Design & Innovation Award: SDURO HardFour RX
  • iF Design Award: XDURO Dwnhll PRO 
  • German Design Award Winner: SDURO AllMtn PRO 
  • Red Dot Design Award: XDURO Dwnhll
  • e-Bike 'The Pedelec-Magazine' Rating 1.5: XDURO Trekking RX 
  • ElektroRad "Very Good" Test Result: SDURO Trekking SL 
  • ElektroBike Test Winner: XDURO HardNine RX 
  • E-MTB "Very Good" Test Result: SDURO AllMtn PLUS 
  • World Of MTB Test Winner: SDURO HardSeven RC 
  • Freeride eBike-Test: XDURO Nduro PRO
  • Eurobike Award: SDURO AllMtn 8.0 
  • World Of MTB Test Winner: XDURO HardSeven Carbon 10.0


  • eMountainbike Magazine: Best Brand 2015
  • e-Bike Magazine: Readers' Choice 'Best eBike Brand'
  • Design & Innovation Award: XDURO Nduro PRO
  • Eurobike Award: SDURO HardFour RX
  • eBike Of The Year Nominee: XDURO Race


  • eBike Of The Year: XDURO RX FS
  • Design & Innovation Award GOLD: XDURO Nduro PRO
  • iF Design Award: XDURO Nduro
  • iF Design Award: XDURO Race
  • iF Design Award: XDURO Urban
  • Eurobike Award: SDURO AllMtn PRO
  • Bike Motion Benelux Audience Award: XDURO FS
  • E-Mountainbike Magazine Test Winner: XDURO AllMtn RX
  • OnBikeX Retailer Rating: SDURO HardNine SL
  • MountainBike Readers' Choice  : XDURO Nduro
  • e-Bike Magazine 'Best Buy': XDURO RX FS


  • Design & Innovation Award: XDURO AllMtn PRO


  • iF Design Award: XDURO RX FS


  • Eurobike Award: XDURO RX FS