Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri riding on Gran Canaria

HAIBIKE welcomes
Yannick Granieri


Haibike is happy to welcome a new hero to the team: Yannick Granieri - one of the world's best MTB Slopestyle and Freeride riders. As one of the sport’s few true all-rounders, the charismatic Frenchman has been ranked among the top five at an international level for years. For even longer, he has been crowned best rider at a national level. Together with Haibike, he now wants to redefine his previous limits and tap the full potential of eBiking.

Respected by his fellow pros as an exceptional talent as well as in the wider MTB industry, Yannick has made a name for himself with a record number of magazine covers. His talent has seen him nail cover shots for pretty much every major MTB magazine out there. After 12 years of competition, he became the mastermind behind ‘Red Bull Backyard Digger’ - his own successful contest event.

Yannick’s unique sense of style which he injects into his riding is legendary, especially his sense of feel for big jumps. Put simply: Yannick embodies the spirit of riding in its truest form.

Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri portrait


Yannick Granieri — MTB Slopestyle and Freerider

MTB Slopestyle
and FreerideR

"After a whole life of riding mountain bikes and 12 years of competition, I needed a change and a new challenge. With my great passion for sports, I now want to tap the full potential of eBiking. Routes that I have been riding for years can be done faster, better and with a new spirit. I can’t wait to show the world a new level of ePerformance!"

Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri jumping
Yannick embodies the spirit of riding in its truest form.
Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri doing a backflip
Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri cycling up the hills
Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri going downhill


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