Cycling is more than simply a means of transport. For us, it’s a way of life. Our sporty Haibike eBikes for men and women give you the freedom to head out whenever you want – discovering something new, riding through unspoiled landscapes, and sometimes testing your own limits. Our range of various eBike systems (BOSCH, YAMAHA & HAIBIKE FLYON) give you that extra bit of power for any climb and are a reliable source of support on your eBike adventures.
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We are the ePerformance pioneer, developing innovative and award-winning eBikes for every type of use since 2010. From a physically challenging ride across the Alps to an adrenaline-packed race competition, a leisurely joyful weekend ride or your daily commute to work: we have the right eBike for you. Whether Full-suspension or Hardtail, Trekking or Trail, S-Pedelec or Cross bike, women’s or men’s bikes, entry-level or pro: in our wide range you will find the perfect eBike that completely meets your needs, translating into even more fun with your eBike.

What has changed in model year 2022 compared to 2021? In the Trekking segment, we offer new, comfortable LOW versions in addition to our well-known MID  and HIGH models. To make finding the perfect eBike as easy as possible, we built our collection with more specific target groups in mind, resulting in clear differentiation between types of use (XDURO and SDURO designations are being phased out). This lets us offer you an even more personalized ePerformance experience – depending if you value versatility, athletic Trail-ePerformance, or a plus in power. Naturally, our established Fullseven, Hardseven, Hardnine, Fullnine and Trekking models continue to be staples of our range.

What remains unchanged is our ultimate goal, and what drives us every day: to build the best eBikes, leading the way in terms of technology and design to satisfy every demand.

Still not sure which eBike is best for you? Take a look at our current models here.