Fat eBikes

Fat eBikes


The ultimate solution for all-year eBiking fun: our eFatbikes. There is simply no surface they can’t ride over because the durable and wide 4" tyres always provide maximum traction: whether snow, sand, mud or pebbles. Thanks to the combination of a larger contact surface and an electric drive unit, you can enjoy an easy ride over difficult terrain that a normal MTB would struggle with. eFatbikes fly over any territory effortlessly, allowing you to pass any obstacle with ease. They are ideal for cruising around town as well; as an added plus, they are a real eye-catcher. Our eFatbikes are available as both a 100mm travel Hardtail as well as a Fully with 120mm travel and are all equipped with top-quality components and powerful motors from Yamaha. With our grip monsters, there are no limits to what you can do!

So you’re looking for grip on every type of surface? Then take a look at our electric Fatbike models.

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