Lea Deslandes

Family Series

Exceptional people, uniquely inspiring and with extraordinary stories. Our Haibike athletes stand for the values of our brand and present them in their individual and singular style. However, they all share a common passion – “We Are ePerformance”.

With the Haibike Family Series, we want to focus on our athletes, in their home country and familiar surroundings. In addition to each respective background and everyday life, we’ll take a look at the different cultures and personalities, team spirit and friendships that have developed, all combined in one series.

Andrea Garibbo – L'artista dell'equilibrio (the balance artist)

The second episode of the Haibike Family Series takes us further south to the Ligurian coast in La Spezia, Italy. This is where Andrea Garibbo lives, family man, former trials - biker and now a successful eBike enduro racer.

Experience Andrea's everyday training and follow him to one of his favorite home spots amongst fantastic scenery.

Yannick Granieri – l'homme au grand coeur (the one with the big heart)

To kick off the Haibike Family Series, we're taking you to the Aix-en-Provence region, France, home of Yannick Granieri. After 12 years of successfully competing in various international MTB events, he needed a change and a new challenge. With his great passion for MTB, Yannick now exploits the full potential of eBiking. His unique style is legendary, especially his flair for big jumps.

Get an insight into the world of the charismatic freestyler and freerider, his home, family and community.

Léa Deslandes - La femme qui vise haut (The woman who strives for higher)

In the third episode of the Haibike Family series, we head off to Les Arcs in the central alps, France, home of Léa Deslandes. She loves the mountains, nature and the associated outdoor sports - skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering and eMountainbiking. Léa loves her work and runs her own restaurant called "Wood Bear" in the heart of Les Arcs.

Find out more about this successful athlete and entrepreneur, who enjoys life to the fullest, with many more adventures to come.