Current recalls

Recall XDURO Race, Race S, Superrace, Urban & Urban S since model year 2014

The safety of our eBikes and their riders has highest priority for us. Thus, we perform extensive endurance tests at external testing institutes. Some of our testing criteria are significantly above the standards set by DIN, ISO or EN norm.

Furthermore, frequent tests are carried out with our eBike models. Our comprehensive actions provide high quality for our eBikes . Thus we can react quickly in case of defects.

During our regular quality controls, we have discovered that the fork of Haibike Race, Superrace and Urban models show premature breaking when being exposed to above-standard endurance tests. Therefore, the fork may suffer from rupture or a break. This poses an enormous safety and injury risk for every user. The vehicle must not be used any longer Due to safety reasons, the above mentioned bikes must be taken out of order immediately.


Affected models

  • Haibike XDURO Urban (model year 2014, 2015)
  • Haibike XDURO Urban RC (model year 2016)
  • Haibike XDURO Race (model year 2014, 2015)
  • Haibike XDURO Superrace (model year 2014, 2015)
  • Haibike XDURO Race S RX (model year 2016)
  • Haibike XDURO Race S PRO (model year 2016)
  • Haibike XDURO Urban S RX (model year 2016)
  • Haibike XDURO Urban S PRO (model year 2016)

Official press release concerning the recall

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You can find frequently asked questions about the recall here!