Pyöräily on vapautta, rohkeutta, innostua ja löytämisen iloa. Haluamme viedä ihmiset löytöretkille ja kokeilemaan omia rajojaan niin ylä- kuin alamäissäkin sekä päivällä että yöllä. Meillä on aina oikea pyörä joka taitotasolle ja ajotyylille!
Me elämme siitä, että voimme joka päivä haastaa itsemme, innovoida ja pysyä askeleen edellä – ei vain pysyä tasoissa. Tämä on ollut visiomme pyörien kehittämisessä erilaisille pyöräilijöille ja erilaisiin tarpeisiin jo lähes 25 vuoden ajan. Tuotteidemme takana on saksalainen insinööritaito yhdessä loputtoman kekseliäisyyden kanssa. InTube-akkukonseptista ensimmäiseen kokonaiseen sähköpyöräjärjestelmään Haibike edustaa innovointia ja voimaa: We are ePerformance!

Designed & Engineered in Germany

We have been passionately developing bikes in Germany since 1995 and can draw upon almost 100 years of experience from our parent company WinoraGroup. We are incredibly lucky to be able to combine a significant enterprise with the dynamics and courage of a start-up.


With the introduction of the Haibike XDURO FS in 2010, we opened the doors to a completely new bike sport: ePerformance. This marked the beginning of the Haibike success story and started the eMTB boom. We were the first, and for a long time the only ones, to believe in the potential of sporty eBikes, and we still do today—more than ever.

Electric Performance

ePerformance combines physical performance with electric support. Ride an ePerformance bike and you will feel the power, balance, and freedom our high-end power assisted bicycles provide. Man and machine form a natural and healthy balance.

Neither Bicycle nor Motorcycle

Despite their kinship: ePerformance bikes are not bicycles with assistance nor are they motorcycles with pedals. They are a completely new class: one with its own characteristics, its own products, and its own culture.

We Love Bicycles

Haibike is passionate about bikes and a leading engineer of non-motorized sportive bikes. ePerformance is not directed against cycling and does not want to replace it (nor could it).

Visible Integration

We believe an eBike should not hide its characteristics. Characterizing features like the motor should be convincingly integrated, but never hidden. Our goal is to engineer consistent, well-proportioned eBikes that shape the entire class of ePerformance bikes.


The world needs more people on bikes. Bikes can make and keep us healthy – mentally as well as physically. eBikes provide that opportunity: by removing many of the barriers to entry associated with traditional cycling and enticing more people to get involved. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how fit or healthy you are: eBikes are for everyone.

Stay clean!

To chip your eBike and ride it on public streets or trails is illegal and will cause any warranty to be voided. This also hurts the sport and its acceptance in society and with political and advocacy groups. A few black sheep cast a shadow on the entire sport. Stay away from tuning chips!

Stay on Trail - and Be Polite

eBikes have more power than a traditional bike and require more responsibility from riders toward nature as well as fellow human beings. Please be courteous and respectful of other trail users. Let’s respect the environment and reduce prejudice, not add to it.