They are the heroes of a new era. Special people with special stories, outstanding, courageous and inspirational. People who dared to take a chance at an early stage, to devote themselves to a new sport at a time when many people didn’t even recognise it as such: our Haibike Heroes. With all of them, we share a common goal and, often, a friendship.
We want to take this opportunity to present our heroes and explain what makes them so heroic.

Haibike Hero Sam Pilgrim doing a wheelie in the mountains


Sam Pilgrim, from Colchester in the UK, started his Dirt Jump career at the age of 14. Ever since he has always been one of the leading figures in international competitions: In 2011 he won the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg; in 2013 he carried off the victory in the Freeride Mountainbike World Tour.

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Haibike Heroine Léa Deslandes taking a break after a MTB tour in the snow


Originally from Bourg Saint Maurice, the mountains have fascinated Léa Deslandes from a very young age. The former high-level sportswoman in climbing and ice climbing now finds pleasure in pursuing these activities in a much more varied way with her Haibike AllMtn 3.0 eMountainbike.

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Haibike Hero Liv Sansoz riding her Adventr 5.0 Trekking eBike


Liv Sansoz is a professional climber, mountaineer, skier and paraglider who lives from her passion for the mountains with intensity and respect. She grew up in the resort of Les Arcs and started skiing at the age of 2. As a teenager, she discovered ski touring and the mountains and climbed the Mont Blanc at the age of 14. Attracted by climbing, she became one of the most successful French women in the discipline. For Liv, the eBike has become her preferred mean of transport.

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Haibike Hero Tim Alongi and his AllMtn 6.0 on an early foggy morning


Tim Alongi is a French freestyle paraglider and one of the best in the world in his discipline. Going nowhere without his paraglider, he practices speed riding, wingsuit and free fall. His Haibike AllMtn 6.0 eMountainbike gives him easy access to his take-off spots and a great opportunity to add fun to his training.

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Haibike Hero Tom Barrer riding down the steps on his Dwnhll 9.0 E-MTB


"One life, ride it!" is the motto he displays on his Show Truck. No need to say more! This 29-year-old Rémois is a thrill seeker. Professional in the mountain bike industry for five years, he performs mountain bike shows throughout the year on ice, tarmac or earth and travels the mountains on the handlebars of his Haibike Dwnhll 9.0 eMountainbike.

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Haibike Hero Tony Lamiche and his AllMtn 8.0 E-MTB


Tony is a high-level climber, mountain guide and steep skier.
"I could have been good at soccer, but the soccer spirit didn't suit me. But you don't know that when you are young, you do what you can do ... One day, I went to see the coach, I told him 'I'm quitting!'. And that's when I started to climb, to do waterfalls and mountains."
Since Tony discovered his Haibike AllMtn eMTB, it has been a constant companion on his tours.

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Haibike Hero Xavier Marovelli on his XDURO Nduro 10.0 eMTB


Xavier started cycling at the age of 14 and tested himself in several disciplines before he found his 'soul mate': Enduro. The perfect blend of driving and physical effort. A sport that requires endurance and explosiveness. His discipline offers him the chance to bring together everything he loves: the mountains, nature and the opportunity to travel.

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Haibike Hero Yoann Stuck carrying his FullSeven LT 5.0


"Before, I loved life, but I was someone dead. Today, I’m alive."
In 2010, Yoann Stuck had a terrible endurance. He smoked more than a pack of cigarettes a day, went out every night and weighed 90 kilos for a little over 1.80 m. But then, the Haibike FullSeven LT 5.0 eMountainbike became his training partner.

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Meet the other Haibike Heroes
from around the world

Haibike Hero Helene Fruhwirth portrait on her bike


Haibike Hero Andi Wittmann portrait on his bike


Haibike Hero Maximilian Semsch portrait on his bike