Pyrenean passionate about cycling since childhood, telemark, nature and freedom, this woman has managed to combine everything to live her dream life.

She made the mountains her world, choosing to live in a campervan. It is also her working tool as a digital nomad in communication project management, allowing her to visit her clients throughout the massif.

Portrait image of Caroline Delattre in front of a black background


Old picture showing Caroline as a young girl on her bike with an older boy and a dog standing next to her


In November 2018, everything changed for Caroline. The doctors detected a heart defect. Caroline underwent open-heart surgery in May 2019. It was not until March 2020 that she regained a real ability to practice sport again. This is when the eMTB first appeared in her life. In the early days, it was just a simple re-athletic tool. Then, it quickly became useful for discovering new paths, going further, imagining new Pyrenean adventures and, above all, riding with other enthusiasts by making the most of the present moment. After this operation, Caroline questioned her life and decided to try the "van life" adventure.

Caroline Delattre sitting on her bike in front of her van that her dog is sitting in
Haibike AllMtn 4 standing in front of a lake next to Caroline's van with Caroline looking outside the side window
Caroline Delattre riding downhill on her Haibike AllMtn 4 eMTB


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