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Tom Cardy loves
riding bikes.
All day. Every day.

In 2014 Tom was United Kingdom dirt-jump champion, winning the overall series as well as taking the overall European FMB world tour AM championship. Tom’s success continued into the pro ranks of the FMB world tour taking podiums and wins ahead of the biggest names at the biggest events. As well as competing he’s regularly taken part in bike shows across the U.K. and Europe at some of the most prestigious sporting occasions such as the F1 Grand Prix, the London bike show and even the Tour de France.
Whilst Tom has a background in dirt-jumping, with slopestyle having been his main focus for many years, he’s always had a love for the broader spectrum of mountain biking too. After discovering eMTB through his friend and fellow slopestyle rider Sam Pilgrim back in 2019, he set out to creatively explore the possibilities Haibikes electric bikes presented, sharing his experiences through social media.
Coming up to 4 years of endless enthusiasm for all things ePerformance…
What. A. Ride!
Tom Cardy


Tom Cardy - MTB Slopestyler


When did you start riding?
I started riding in 2005 but my professional career begun in 2014.
Why did you start riding?
I have always had a huge interest in bikes and I have always found it a great way to get creative and express yourself because it’s a sport with no rules where you can just be you.
Where did you grow up? Did that have an impact on your riding or type of riding you initially got into?
I grew up in Chelmsford, Essex, which is actually a really difficult place for mountain biking, as it’s pretty flat with not many hills. This forced me to use what I  have and the reason why street riding and making creative lines out of nothing has always been something I love. eMTB is perfect, no uplifts at all so the assist comes in rather handy! It’s opened up a whole new world of riding, spots that I have ridden for years are completely different and more exciting on the eBike.
Were there other hobbies/sports for you before biking came along?
Bikes have always been my passion. In recent years film making has become a huge passion which is perfect as it goes hand in hand with riding and making videos for YouTube.
What are the coolest moments you've had riding? 
My whole contest career was full of great memories, but alongside this, taking part in the action sports tour for so many years was a great achievement. Luckily focusing on video we are constantly creating cool moments and of course great memories!
Exploration - it's a common theme to ebiking, tell us about some memorable places you've ridden:
A standout ride for me has to be the ridge-ride in the lake district. Incredible views, incredible riding and made even more fun with the use of the ebike.
Tom Cardy down the slope
Tom Cardy jump with hands free


Do you ever ride alone? How does that compare to social riding?
I’m never really riding alone because if I am not with someone then I will for-sure be filming and the vlog is always with me,… ha ha!
Tell us about a time you 'got away with it' how did it make you feel? Did you learn from it or just laugh at the moment? Or both?
Having ridden for 17 years or so; I have lost count of the amount of times things have got ‘a bit loose’. It still happens from time to time, and depending on how high the consequences are, definitely impacts on the reaction. But generally getting loose is quite fun.
Do you have advice for new riders?
Yeah for sure! Focus on building confidence and taking small steps. This is a much quicker route to progression than big steps and crashes. Most of all enjoy riding!
Where does your inspiration for video creativity come from? Are there people on social you look to?
My biggest inspiration growing up was Sam Pilgrim and luckily, I get to ride with him a lot. He is still a great reference. Outside the industry anyone that is hard working and looking to improve themselves is a great reference and there’s always something to learn.
What motivates you to ride the most? 
My main motivation is the enjoyment from being on the bike. Personally I like to push myself but then for everyone else I like to inspire people in what I am doing. The ebike has helped with this by unlocking new opportunities and riding styles meaning the scope for creativity just got bigger.
Tell us something we don't know about you?
Something that people may or may not know about me is that I LOVE MotoGP and motorcycles in general. I have been a huge fan since I was little and have been lucky enough to go to some races and even meet some of the riders! 
Which bike are you riding the most right now?
At the moment the main bike is an AllMtn 7 which is perfect for my style of riding, it’s so versatile climbs and descends super easy and really stable in the air.
Tell us about where in the world you want to go next with biking?
New Zealand looks like it has so much to offer, that would be high up the list. As for the future, anywhere with epic views and epic trails: count me in! Since Kara’s adventures with the riding-life began our opportunities to explore different types of riding have really grown, we really inspire each other! We have some awesome trips booked already and some cool ideas floating about, so if you don’t follow my social media already, be sure to - so you don’t miss out! 
Tom Cardy riding on hind wheel
Tom Cardy rocky down hill


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