Haibike Hero Yoann Stuck carrying his FullSeven LT 5.0
Haibike Hero:
Yoann Stuck


"Before, I loved life, but I was someone dead. Today, truly I feel alive!"

In 2010, Yoann Stuck had a terrible endurance. He smoked more than one pack of cigarettes a day, went out every night and weighed about 90 kilos for a little over 1,80m. Food wasn't important to him, he preferred pizza and carbohydrates. Running was completely unknown to him. He didn't even know the distance of a marathon.

His atypical athletic journey began in 2010, with his very first jogging. It lasted 25 minutes and in the end, he was completely exhausted. During that time, he had two jobs: one during the day and the other at night. Difficult to play sports and especially to eat properly. After better assimilation of his jogging, he took a liking to this sport and developed the desire to continue in a more natural world. The surroundings of Lyon allow it: Monts d'Or, Monts du Lyonnais, Beaujolais, even the Alps.

Yoann doesn’t have the soul of a mountain dweller, but trail running has become his sport: “We live unforgettable moments."
He continues his intention to be a regular runner by changing playing fields such as the track, the road or the paths. Long distances in the middle of nature, where we feel very small in front of the reality of our existence, make him appreciate these moments even more. With that said, Haibike and eMountainbikes have become his allies.

His life might haven't changed, but his lifestyle and way of thinking did! His Haibike FullSeven LT 5.0 eMTB allows him to better manage his training loads, protect his joints and add a touch of fun to his draconian planning.

Portrait Image Haibike Hero Yoann Stuck
Haibike Hero Yoann Stuck jogging in the snowy forest


Yoann Stuck — Ambassador

Portrait Haibike Hero Yoann Stuck carrying his FullSeven LT 5.0


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