The Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri and his friends are sitting on a hill and looking down into the valley, their mountain bikes are laying behind them

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They are the heroes of a new era. Special people with special stories, outstanding, courageous and inspirational. People who dared to take a chance at an early stage, to devote themselves to a new sport at a time when many people didn’t even recognise it as such: our Haibike Heroes. With all of them, we share a common goal and, often, a friendship.
We want to take this opportunity to present our heroes and explain what makes them so heroic.

Haibike Hero Andrea Garibbo riding through a forest


Since Andrea was a child, he had a special attraction for bikes. He began to race at the age of eight, and that allowed him to discover, after a couple of years, the mountain bike. With the MTB, he began to compete and started winning many races.

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The Haibike Hero Yannick Granieri riding his MTB and kicking up dust with his rear wheel


As one of the sport’s few true all-rounders, the charismatic Frenchman has been ranked among the top five at an international level for years. For even longer, he has been crowned best rider at a national level. Together with HAIBIKE, he now wants to redefine his previous limits and tap the full potential of eBiking.

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Haibike Hero Maximilian Semsch on his trekking bike


After graduating from school, he just got on his bike and rode from Munich to Singapore. Without training, without major preparations. His second tour took him to Australia, or, more precisely, around it. This is the longest eBike tour to this date, measuring 16,000 km.

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Tom Cardy Jump

Tom Cardy

Whilst Tom has a background in Dirt jumping, with slopestyle having been his main focus for many years, he's alwats had a love for the broader spectrum of mountain biking too. After discovering eMTB through his friend and fellow slopestyle rider Sam Pilgrim back in 2019, he set out to creatively explore the possibilities Haibikes electric bikes presented, sharing his experiences through social media.

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Kara Beal

Kara Beal

Kara held a commendable career as a full-time nurse, before slowly transitioned into an eMTB rider and content creator with a little help from her partner Tom Cardy. Whilst Kara is relatively new to mountain biking, her enthusiasm for the sport shines through and it's this passion and joy for pushing her boundaries that has us hooked.

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Lea Deslandes


Originally from Bourg Saint Maurice, the mountains have fascinated Léa Deslandes from a very young age. The former high-level sportswoman in climbing and ice climbing now finds pleasure in pursuing these activities in a much more varied way with her Haibike AllMtn 3.0 eMountainbike.

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