If you’ve never ridden an electric bike (or eBike as they are commonly known), they can be a bit surprising when you first give them a go – a nice surprise of course! So trying an electric bike before you buy is the best way to make sure you’re buying the right bike for you.

We have Haibike dealers across the UK that are equipped and trained to ensure you get the bike that will fit your needs. As well as sorting out a bike for you, you’re able to test ride the bikes you like too. So when you give a Haibike a ride for the first time you have an expert to assist you and show you the best way to ride.


So, should you test ride a Haibike eBike at your local dealer before buying? Yes, definitely and here is why:

  • Our dealer locator is super simple, all you need to do is search using your postcode and it’ll find you the store closest to you. Booking through our online form is easy too!
  • The Haibike experts at our selected stores will assemble your chosen bike and set it up so it perfectly matches your riding position.
  • Its safety checked too so it’s ready for you to ride straight from the shop.
  • If you choose a bike with suspension, they’ll set it up so it’s tailored for your riding style and for the terrains you’ll be using.
  • They’re available to offer advice before you buy and following on from your purchase they can help with servicing and making the most of your new ebike.

Convinced? Book your free Haibike test ride online now.
If you’d like to explore the Haibike range online first you can take a closer look at our XDURO and SDURO ranges online.
If you’re a Caravan and Motorhome Club member, you’re able to purchase selected Haibike models with up to 10% off (in store offer only- subject to availability on models SDURO Hardseven 1.0, Trekking 4.0 and Trekking 5.0 ) – you’ll just need to take your membership card in with you!

Arrange your test ride online now.

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