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One of our Brand Ambassadors Dave Miller, recently went on a 20-mile bike ride with his brother and 76-year-old dad. Dave’s dad had ‘fallen out of love’ with riding a number of years ago but since getting his very own Haibike SDURO he’s been able to go out riding with his 2 sons. Read more below:


My dad has been a cyclist pretty much all of his life. Road riding for many years to getting into mountain biking in his 60’s, he’s always had a passion for it and also as a ride leader for the Wakefield cycle forum he has shared his passion and encouraged others.
For me, this made it difficult to see him (in his own words) lose interest due to not having the stamina for the hills and the distance anymore. Over the past few years now at 76, he’s found himself having to walk up the hills, which has just affected his “mojo” so much.
Last month, I went round with my new Haibike SDURO HardSeven 4.0 and let him take it for a spin around the block. It’s been a game-changer for me so I knew he was going to love it.
He came back grinning and didn’t take much persuading to bite the bullet and get himself his very own Haibike SDURO which we picked up the other week.
I’ve gotten so used to my dad saying no to coming out riding with us, that to be riding the Wonders of Wakefield with him and my older brother Gary is just the best!
The weather forecast was grim but we just went for it anyway. Dad seemed to struggle with the concept of using the gears like on a normal bike for the first half of the ride but once he settled into it, it became second nature. It’s a 22-mile loop which is mainly off-road. Canal toe-paths, woodland and man-made trails, not many climbs but the few that there are are quite steep but no match for his new “bionic legs” that the SDURO and Bosch motor have given him. He’s not done this ride for years because he just couldn’t handle the distance anymore.
We got drenched, mudded up to the eyeballs and were ready for a brew when we got back to the van. Dad was smiling and a bit stunned at how easy the ride was, he discovered eMTB mode about 10 miles in and we noticed that the pace got quicker at that point.
22 miles in 2 hours and 13 minutes, average 10mph speed with a combined age of 168.
So dad “what you reckon, is your Mojo back?”
Most definitely!!
We will be riding together a lot more now which makes me very happy.


Haibike Ambassador Dave Miller Biking Route
Wonders of Wakefield
Dave’s Dad, Dave Miller and Gary Miller
Haibike SDURO HardSeven 4.0 and FullSeven 7.0
SDURO FullSeven 7.0, HardSeven 4.0

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