Night Riding Haibike



Riding your local trails at night is somewhat of an alien concept for a lot of people although it doesn’t have to be. The popularity of the night ride has grown massively over the past few years as the lights on the market required for this have got brighter and cheaper.
£25-£50 will get you some serious Lumens these days, enough to fill the trail ahead with a tunnel of light for you to ride through as if it were the day time. Well maybe not that good but still…
Riding with a light on your bars and one on the helmet is something I would advise although not essential, it just helps with sharp bends etc like having adaptive lighting on a car.
I don’t know why but at night you get the sensation of going faster than you actually are, it’s great. I had a ride with my two brothers the other night, one of which had never ridden at night before and although it was very very wet he really had a blast.
This same ride was also a first for me as it was the first night time outing for my SDURO eBike. It was amazing!
The pace was good and I really got to open it up on the climbs, really feeling that Uphill flow. Riding up hill and popping airs of rocks / steps is quite surreal but so awesome when you get that flow going. That coupled with the fact that the sensation of going faster in the dark was there as well made this ride thoroughly enjoyable. We got back to the van absolutely caked up in muddy puddle and drove home in our undies! Proper laugh.
So, get your bikes out, get those lights on and get down the woods. You won’t be disappointed.




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