Haibike SDURO eBikes featuring Yamaha InTube

Since Yamaha introduced the PW motor system back in 2013, Yamaha equipped pedelecs have been a solid performer in the electric bike sector the world over. 2015 saw their major collaboration with Haibike come to fruition, introducing what was then, the new SDURO range to their line-up. Those ‘PW’ motor equipped bikes quickly became bestselling models for Haibike and so the partnership continued with many other models introduced in the last 4 years.

Not content to stand still further systems were introduced, namely PW-X coming in as Yamaha’s most extreme system, featured across AllMtn, Nduro & Dwnhll models.

NEW. For 2019 we’ve seen two major shifts, one obvious at first glance, and one not so.

First is the New InTube Battery. Designed as a long slim cylinder, enabling a sleeker aesthetic and slimmer profile, hiding the battery away in the downtube makes for a super neat eBike solution. The electrical assistance system is barely noticeable and leaves more space along the downtube for Modular Rail System accessories, such as bottle cages and locks. The battery is easily removable, dropping from the underside of the frame should you wish to charge it separately from the bike. The slim power cells used inside the battery are high energy density meaning it’s currently one of the lightest batteries on the market. All this with Yamaha’s industry leading 700 charge-cycle warranty, you can be confident of many miles of uninterrupted eBiking adventures.
The second is the New PW-SE representing an evolution of the ever-reliable PW motor into ever sportier territory, it can now boast a more aggressive 70 Nm torque and cadence range up to 110rpm. This motor is ready to tackle anything from city streets to challenging off-road routes, smooth and powerful. As always the motor is centrally mounted in the frame to achieve balance and deliver power directly into the drive train, right where it’s needed! Three sensors measure: rider torque, speed and crank rotation to always ensure the right amount of electrical assistance is provided just when you need it. PW-SE motors have replaced all previous PW motors for the 2019 Haibike model year, upgrades all around!

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