It’s a bold claim, but for me it’s true. The Haibike I have had now for around 6 months I can honestly say has changed my life. 

I started mountain biking in 1993 and until recently I honestly thought that that was the best decade to be riding in, I was hooked and rode as much as I could with my mates. We were all young with not a care in the world so anyone and everyone was up for a ride at anytime. We would go anywhere and everywhere, build our own trails and If it was dark we went urban riding in the streets of Wakefield, Doncaster and other spots that some of us used to skateboard at. Good times.

In the Noughtys my relationship with biking was in and out. I’d go years without riding and it didn’t bother me. A competitive side had crept in, among friends, I wasn’t a fan and found myself riding alone more or just not wanting to go. Jump building all day when you just want to ride isn’t my idea of fun. We have to compete in life too much as it is and riding a bike for me has always purely been about the fun, no medals.

The beauty of my Haibike is that riding alone isn’t a struggle anymore, and by that I mean just going out the door when your riding buddies are all busy with other things. It would be great if everyone was available to ride all the time but they just aren’t. I used to not go riding in this instance but now I’m out any time I have spare time, alone or not.

If I have an hour or so spare I can just go ride and still put in some mileage, no panic about not getting home in time for my son getting home from school or missing getting to the post office with my work stuff. It’s Awesome.

This of course has meant that I have done 3 times the amount of riding that I normally would have, especially through the winter months so as well had feeling fitter than I ever have, I’m nearly 2 stone in weight lighter than I was 6 months ago !

This bike has contributed to a real change in attitude and lifestyle and I’m more hooked on mountain biking than I was in the 90’s. If I’m not riding, I’m thinking about riding. I just love it.

Go try a Haibike, buy one !


Change your life


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