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So I’ve found through been involved with a few different eBike social media groups that a hot topic is that of de-restricting your eBike. On a daily basis the question is put out there “How do I do it”, or what is the best device for doing it and it seems there area number of devices on the market which will assist you in taking your bike from the UK legal 15.4mph up to a staggering 30mph.

Now I say staggering because let’s just think about that for a minute. When you are rolling / peddling down a steep hill and you hit 30mph it feels so fast, obviously road cyclists will be used to these speeds and faster but on a mountain bike with chunky tyres it’s not a speed you will achieve many times during an off-road ride. 

So, now imagine achieving that speed down a canal toe path or on the woodland single track of your local ride ! Crazy eh?!

Just today a dog came out of nowhere in front of me down the canal. I was able to brake and manoeuvre slowly around it but at 30 it would have been a very different outcome.

The law suggests that de-restricted bikes can only be ridden on private land with the owners permission and I’m sure there are people that stick to that rule but the majority will of course not do that.

Another thing to consider is that you will instantly void the warranty of a machine you could have paid in excess of 5k for which is bonkers surely?

I’ve racked up some serious ebike Miles this last 6 months and don’t understand why anyone would feel the need / desire to De-restrict. The bikes are amazing without any tinkering. And this is just my opinion but what happens if someone is seriously hurt by a de-restricted bike?

How long before the bans start to come in to force?

How long before this fledgling sport is totally wrecked by an irresponsible few?It’s your bike to do with as you choose but please consider the potential consequences.

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