Haibike XDURO AllMtn 9.0
10 - 08


The Haibike 2018 range was announced at our European headquarters in Schweinfurt, Germany.  The exclusive and much anticipated invite-only event was attended by the top eBike dealers form a number of countries along with journalists and industry commentators. The developments of the 2018 ranges are a continuation of our long standing quest for innovation and ePerformance.


First up, and to show that innovation starts with the name, we’ve  changed the naming convention of the XDURO and SDURO ranges.  Now, rather than relating to which drive units power the bikes (Bosch and Yamaha respectively), these names will reflect the two core areas we see developing in the ever-expanding e-biking market. Since 2010 we’ve been making eMTBs for our mainstream riders and those in the more extreme niche looking for an all-out thrill ride.

So, to help our customers to distinguish between our ranges and find the right bike for them in the shortest possible time, the bikes will be split between these two main categories. ‘SDURO’ will relate to our sporty bikes with a more comfortable geometry aimed at the mainstream rider taking on a variety of terrains. The sDDURO models will start at lower prices and range through to premium options.  The ‘XDURO’ will now be positioned for the extreme rider seeking aggressive performance characteristics.  Indicative features include slacker geometry, longer wheel bases, greater options for travel and high specification, premium components. Both ranges will include both Bosch and Yamaha drive units.

As a result, there is a new line up for both ranges; the 2018 SDURO range incorporates full suspension, hardtail and adventure models with the XDURO bringing advanced off-road all mountain, enduro and downhill bikes along with full sus and hardtail fat bikes.


Being introduced for Haibike models for the first time in 2018 is the new Yamaha PW-SE drive unit. This drive unit sits between the Yamaha PW and PW-X units raising the bar for assistance from 100rpm to 110rpm. This means better performance in higher gears and at higher cadence. The system also comes with the LCD display unit and is tuned to perform with powerful assistance from the off. Creating the perfect match for Haibike’s 2018 eMTBs.


Integrating the best latest technology from component manufacturers is part of Haibike’s DNA. 2018 sees the launch of the Bosch Power Tube or In-Tube Battery. We’ve integrated the battery from the get-go making it integral to the frame. So the 2018 Bosch powered Haibike models now incorporate the In-Tube Battery making the eBikes look even slicker, increasing the security of the batteries and providing more protection from the punishment of the tracks and trails.


Following fast on the heels of the In-Tube Battery, Haibike have taken advantage of the space created to introduce a Modular Rail System. This system doesn’t just replace the old bottle mounting bolt systems, it makes them obsolete.

The Haibike Rail System is a channel on the down tube which can be used to mount accessories. Current accessories include a pack containing the battery charger for longer trips and overnight adventures, a carry pack for cycling essentials, a bike locking system or a magnetically held drinks bottle. Integrated, flexible and modular; the Rail System will continue to benefit from the introduction of new accessories in the future. Want to know more? Our video explains the new In-Tube Battery concept and Modular Rail System.

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