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Founded in Japan over 130 years ago, Torakusu Yamaha started out building his very first reed organ. Since then, Yamaha has evolved into the world wide household name we all recognise and trust, from pianos to TV’s and everything in between pretty much everyone will own a Yamaha product at some point throughout their life. In the early 90’s Yamaha were one of the first companies to release an eBike system equipped on a bicycle. Today they manufacture over 300,000 and feature on the Haibike range.


It’s an important decision choosing which eBike system is right for you, deciding which one to buy based on performance is only the first factor. You also want to be assured that you will receive the best aftersales service so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked Yamaha Questions:


  • What should I do if I discover a fault with a Yamaha system on my Haibike?
    Contact the place you bought your bike from or your local dealer using our Haibike Dealer Locator. You can also contact the consumer service team via phone, email or live chat.
  • What is the warranty on a Yamaha system?
    2 years on all electrical components.
  • What does my warranty cover?
    Manufacturing defects, electrical component faults and bearings.
  • What do I do if I discover a fault but it’s outside of warranty?
    We can supply Yamaha parts to any Haibike dealer, visit your local dealer and they can source the parts for you.
  • Is there a walk function on Yamaha like some of the other systems?
    Yes there is a walk function, this gives you electric assistance for when you are walking with your bike to make it easier.
  • Can I charge my battery off the bike?
    Yes the battery can be taken indoors to charge, we also advise the battery is stored indoors during cold conditions.
  • What is the average range from a Yamaha battery?
    There are many factors in how far you can ride on an ebike, weather conditions, tyre pressure, rider weight, and average cadence will all have an impact. With a 400Wh battery the average distance is 95km.

Low 80 miles / 130 km
Medium 53 miles / 85 km
High 43 miles / 70 km
Average 59 miles / 95 km


  • I'm not the best with technology. How easy is it to use?
    You ride the bike like a normal bike, you still have to pedal and change gears. When you are riding there are 4 settings of power assist, you simply choose the one most appropriate level and ride. The Yamaha display also has an extremely user friendly interface making it very easy to change settings.
  • If I leave my bike locked up outside a shop, will someone be able to remove the battery?
    No the battery is locked onto the bike and can only be removed with a key. The display is also easily removed so you can put this in your pocket when you leave it. We advise you invest in a good ‘Sold Secure’ lock too to ensure your bike is secure when left. The Yamaha system has been implemented on over 2.7 million eBikes worldwide, including the Haibike range.
    To find out more about the Haibike range book a 1 to 1 with your local Haibike Dealer.


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