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We caught up again with our brand ambassador Dave Miller, he’s had his SDURO HardSeven 4.0 for almost a month now. We have seen some great blog posts from him and now he’s done a Q&A about how he’s been getting on.

  • Where did you go for your first ride ?
    I did a local ride which is great but I tend to avoid it, because of the climbs involved.
  • How soon did you go on your first ride?
    As soon as I got the bike home same day!
  • Did you start in a lower assistance level or jump straight into Turbo/High level?
    I used the Eco and Tour modes for the majority of the ride with the odd use of emtb.
  • Have you ridden more often / further / both?
    I’ve ridden further and more frequently for sure.
  • How far have you been on your longest ride so far?
    The Wakefield Wheel which is 38 Miles (For Dave’s Wakefield Wheel blog post click here)
  • How much battery do you tend to use on average? (e.g Do you end the ride with 50% battery power left / 25% / 75% etc)
    Most rides tend to end with 25-30% left.
  • Has the eBike surprised you in anyway? e.g. have you found a use for it you didn’t expect? (replaced the car for a journey, attempted a ride you wouldn’t have etc)
    I’ve attempted plenty of rides that I’ve never done before. I tend to start on a ride I know and add to it, kind of exploring.
  • How have your friends & family reacted? Have you let them have a ride?
    My dad has has a ride around the block, he doesn’t come out with us any more because of the climbs / fatigue (he’s 74), he was blown away! He said he wants one for his 80th if we all chip in.
  • What apprehensions did you have around eBikes? Have you dispelled any ‘eBike myths’ you may have had?
    I was aware of the haters, I maybe used the word “cheat” on occasion myself. Now I try and educate as many people as possible on the benefits.
  • Did you get muddy yet? How was the bike in those adverse conditions?
    Got the bike proper muddled up today. It handled the really muddy sections well, the extra speed you carry helps you push through.
  • What size bike did you pick? Is it comfortable?
    I have a size large. I’m 5’10” and the cockpit length is perfect for me. The geometry is super comfy.


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