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Written by David J Miller


Battling my way up a fire road at Cannock Chase, breathing uncomfortably hard, my heart is pounding and sweat is dripping into my glasses. I can hear the crunch of rolling tyres on gravel behind me along with muffled conversation. It gets closer quickly and a couple go past me, sat in the saddle having a really nice chat and not really putting in any effort to ascend this brutal climb.

This was the first time I had ever seen an eBike and I remember feeling a little peeved. I reached the top where my brother and mates were waiting. I vowed I would never return to Cannock, I also remarked on the “cheats” that had passed me without trying.

Fast forward two years and I’ve just collected my prize; it’s an eBike, a Haibike SDURO Hardseven 4.0.

I had won a contest to become the new “face of Haibike UK” WOW.

I’ve had a quick spin around their velo park track and a photo shoot but I can’t wait to get home with this thing and go to the woods!

I get home, change quickly and out the door for my first real eBike experience, its super exciting. I set off with the bike in Eco mode. I live on a hill so normally I’m already blowing by the time I get to the top of the street, but not today. I’m pedalling with the same effort as normal but gliding along at a faster pace, it feels good. Down the hill I go, into the next village and I reach the starting point for my ride, in Yorkshire you are never far from the woods and hills.

After a quick 100 yard section of rooty woodland path I reach the first climb and it’s steep. This is a ride I’ve done a couple of times but bottled out on many times, because it starts with 25-30 minutes of hard climbs.

Now flicking the bike into tour mode I ascend the first climb with ease. I laugh to myself as I know how difficult this hill usually is for me. Reaching the top I don’t stop (I usually have to), I keep going down a dip and towards the next climb which is long and arduous. This section is also steeper so I hit the eMTB mode, (This mode matches the effort you put in).I feel a surge from the Bosch motor, a rush of power from the bike that can only be described as exhilarating.
It’s the best feeling!

I reach the top, out of breath but not uncomfortably, the smile on my face is now apparent, I look around to see if anyone is there because I must look like a mad man. The best part of the ride is yet to come and my energy tank is still full. I would have usually had it by this point and a rest would be required.

Back into eco mode I roll along a flat lane which takes me to the first descent. As the hill forms before me I start to free wheel. The bike feels planted, it’s heavy and solid and this gives me confidence to come off the brakes..

..Part 2 of Dave’s first ride and more exciting blog pieces coming soon!


A few pictures from Dave’s ‘first ride’:

Dave Miller Haibike Ambassador
Dave Miller Haibike Ambassador
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