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Written by David J Miller

The final part of Dave’s first ride.. click here for part 1

..Gathering speed I realise how fast rolling and grippy these tyres are (Schwalbe Smart Sam front and rear), another thing which adds to my gaining confidence. Blasting along now, popping off rocks and natural little hits and getting both wheels of this 22kg rig in the air, just ace!

I hit the single track in the next wooded section, Oh WOW!!

This for me is where this SDURO really comes alive. People who ride a lot on woodland single track will get this, you know when you find some nice winding single track and its good fun but slightly uphill and you think, damn, wish I was going in the other direction?

Well, imagine the trail been just as good in both directions (which I did by the way) and you will start to get why these things are so amazing. It is at this point I start to wonder how I will ever go back to riding a normal bike. I loop the woods a few times because it’s just so much fun and I have the energy to do so.

I’m in eMTB mode again because I love the kick of power it gives as it matches my enthusiasm, it’s an electrifying feeling, no pun intended.

The flow, the pace is just amazing, its peddaly and I’m going quicker, smoother, faster, just better than ever. It’s me, just a better version.

Winding through the trees at speed I don’t want this section of woodland to end, I’ve ridden it before but never like this. I go further than usual out of the other end of the woods and into unknown terrain, searching, yearning for fresh trails and more single track.

So much fun, but a quick check of the watch and I know it’s time to head back, I haven’t had enough though so I add a detour along the canal side just to extend the fun a bit longer. I want to keep going until its dark or the battery is flat, whichever comes first.

I get home as the sun is setting. My missus arrives from work at the same time and I wax lyrical about how amazing this machine is. She’s laughing at me; I’m grinning from ear to ear and knackered. Is this the best bike ride I’ve ever had?

I think it may well be.

20 odd miles of pure enjoyment, not one negative, and only half a batteries use. How far can I go and how much fun can be had on this ebike? This was after all the first time out and a local ride not a trail centre or somewhere in the peaks.

So, to the couple who passed me at Cannock Chase, I apologise, you are not cheats, I just didn’t see it but now I do.
Simply put,

It’s not cheating, it’s empowerment.

Stay tuned for tales of many more adventures.
(P.S. I’m off back to Cannock)
..more exciting blog pieces coming soon!

A Few pictures from Dave’s ‘first ride’

Dave Miller Haibike Ambassador
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