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Sarah has had her SDURO HardSeven 1.0 for almost a month now. So we caught up with her this week and asked her a few questions about how she’s been getting on.


  • Where did you go for your first ride?
    My first eBike ride was out around Newstead Abbey grounds just to get used to the bike and test the different settings.
  • How soon did you go on your first ride?
    My first real mtb ride was with the Nottingham MTB Outlaws group, which ended up being 30miles instead of 20! So I’m really glad I had the ebike as it was a much longer ride than I had expected so it really helped straight away.
  • Did you start in a lower assistance level or jump straight into Turbo/High level?
    I kept the bike in eco mode and definitely felt my legs working hard. I keep using eco or eco plus. On a separate night ride I used turbo on the way home as it was spooky and I was riding the last bit on my own and wanted to get home quickly, Ha Ha!
  • How much battery do you tend to use on average?
    The battery has lasted really well. I charge it up after every ride depending on the riding I’m doing, but so far I’ve used nowhere near the full capacity!
  • Has the eBike surprised you in anyway, e.g. have you found a use for it you didn’t expect? (replaced the car for a journey, attempted a ride you wouldn’t have etc)
    The eBike has surprised me as I expected at the end of a ride to not feel as worked out as I did if that makes sense. But because I have ridden futher and kept up with faster riders it has definitely got the heart rate up. On the other side; I went on an midweek evening ride with my friend after work, I usually would have cancelled due to my fatigue that day but because I had the confidence in the eBike I still went on the ride, I definitely wouldn’t have gone if I was riding my ordinary bike and didn’t have the choice of the eBike option.
  • How have your friends & family reacted? Have you let them have a ride?
    My friends and neighbours have tried the eBike and loved it. I have one friend who won’t try it in-case they love it and want one!
  • Did you get muddy yet? How was the bike in those adverse conditions?
    Weather doesn’t stop me riding! I use clip on mud guards if it’s a muddy wet ride so there is no problem there. I like to ride in all conditions. The ebike has been great in the dry and when it is has rained.


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