Haibike Xduro AllMtn 3.0

XDURO AllMtn 3.0


I rode at the Sherwood Pines trail centre for the first time today. I don’t mean it’s the first time I’ve been there, I have been lots of times but this was the first time I have ridden the place how I would always have loved to.

In December the amazing crew down at Haibike UK gave me the XDURO All Mountain 3.0 to take away and ride over the Christmas period. I hadn’t ridden a full suspension eBike before so as you can imagine I was pretty stoked by this.

The bike is reassuringly heavy, that may sound strange but it really isn’t. I set off riding the red trail with more confidence and pace than I have done on all my previous visits, winding through the trees and around the small berms. Approaching the first rooty /rocky sections where I normally would try to avoid the bigger obstacles I just ride straight through them like they aren’t even there.

The suspension is super plush, nay, luxurious would be more appropriate. Rock Shox Yari boost up front with 160mm of travel and the Deluxe RT Air 150mm again from Rock Shox in the rear.

It’s super comfortable and smooth and because of the weight the bike just stays planted and goes where you point it. It doesn’t leave the ground unless you want it to. So smashing this section with ease I can only summarise that I am riding a “weaponised lounge chair”, which is the best way to describe this feeling.

My SDURO is more of an upright XC mile muncher whereas the AllMtn and its much slacker geometry is just built for this type of riding. I pop out of the end of each section with the by now standard “ebike smile” on my face and wait for the rest of the crew. I’m setting off out front for most of the sections but also tucking in behind some of the faster boys in the gang to really push my limits in a way I haven’t done for years and it’s very much down to this very capable machine I’m on.

It’s also smooth and fast on the climbs, there are a few lung busters at Sherwood (for me anyway) and on previous visits it’s the climbs and longer slightly up hill sections that really grind me down fast and cause me a bit of lower back pain, but not today though.

I’m using Tour mode and eMTB for the climbs which are my favourite two settings on this bike.

Tornado Alley is my favourite section on this red trail. It’s fast and flowing with berm after berm and today I find myself in kind of a dog fight with my big bro, he’s pushing me all the way down, nipping at my back tyre and I’m out of my comfort zone and off the brakes, it’s quite a rush !

We complete the red route really fast and head for a quick brew, before doing a loop of the blue route too. It’s mellow but fun and fast.

It’s been a great day out and by the time I get back to the van I certainly know I’ve had a good ride. On the limit and worn out.

Pros : Too many to list

Cons : It would be a 2 person lift to get it on a roof rack. But that’s all I got, it’s Awesome.

P.S. Get to Sherwood Pines for a ride if you haven’t already, I can highly recommend the place for all levels of rider and for the kids too!

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