Electric Enduro Bikes

Electric Enduro Bikes


If you prefer technically difficult and rough trails and don’t shy away from drops and challenging lines in the bike park, then our Enduro eFullys are just the right thing for you. With 180mm travel and geometry designed for downhill, you can concentrate entirely on the trail – the rest you can leave to our Haibike eEnduro. But our Enduros offer the ultimate ePerformance uphill too: our powerful motors mean that experienced bikers retain full control over their eMTB even on steep and rugged uphills. And if you simply want to enjoy the descent and there’s no lift or shuttle in sight, you can still do as many runs as you like in a single biking day. We know what an Enduro eMountainbike has to withstand. That’s why we only use particularly robust parts and a structure that absorbs even hard knocks with ease. Whether you’re looking for an eEnduro for extreme racing or want to take on technical trails at the weekend, we’ve got the right model for you. Our sporty, reliable Enduro eFullys ensure that you don’t have to worry about your bike during your freeride adventures and can enjoy your ride to the full – again and again.

So, you’re looking for an eMTB for rough terrain? Then take a look at our 2021 Enduro eBike models!

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