Frequently asked questions

faqs about buying a haibike

  • Why are Haibikes sold exclusively via specialist dealers?

    Modern eBikes are complex products which require a high degree of expertise regarding their initial assembly, service and parts. This requires a qualified professional to protect you as customer from bad buys and to offer you long-term customer service. This is why we value our partnerships with our trusted network of authorized dealers.

  • Can I buy spare parts directly from you?

    We always recommend you order parts via one of our specialist dealers so that they can help you with compatibility, safe installation and setup. If you do however wish to order direct from us we may be able to assist so just drop us a line on 01773 532691 or send us a short email

  • I would like to buy my Haibike online. What do I have to consider?

    For an online purchase we recommend you make sure the dealer offers a professional initial assembly and also offers long-term support for service and technical questions. Of course, the bike may be brought to any dealer for service.
  • Where can I find a Haibike dealer near my location?

    The Haibike dealer network includes more than 12,000 dealers worldwide. To find a dealer near you please use our dealer search.

  • I would like to buy a used Haibike. What should I consider?

    A private seller can exclude all liability for material defects, depending on the particular sales contract. For private sales we recommend you always make sure you receive the original bike receipt that includes the bike serial number and get it checked out by a dealer to ensure there are no underlying issues and that the battery life is in a good way. 


  • I have a warranty claim. What is the procedure?

    In principle your Haibike dealer, where you bought the bike from, is always your central point of contact in case of a warranty claim. They record the claim and get in contact with us in order to discuss the further steps. Your dealer is also responsible for the coordination of appointments as well as the actual repair. For those bikes purchased directly from us we will assist and co-ordinate with a local dealer on your behalf, normally the click and collect dealer you bought the product from.

  • What do I need to make a warranty claim?

    Proof of purchase is required for all claims made under warranty, accidental damage and misuse are not covered.

  • What if I ask another dealer for help with a service claim?

    When you bought your Haibike you made a legal contract with your dealer. If warranty and liability claims or any other service questions arise, that dealer is your main point of contact.
    However, if you should choose to make a claim for your Haibike with a dealer other than the original seller, additional costs may occur. We do not cover these costs. Therefore, we strongly recommend to settle any issues with the original Haibike dealer.
  • I purchased a used Haibike and have a service issue. What can I do?

    In principle you have to distinguish between buying a used Haibike from a private person or a dealer:

    The liability for material defects can on principle be excluded at a private sale. This depends on the purchasing contract. When a defect occurs the question arises if the bike is still within the warranty period. For this it is absolutely necessary to have an original purchase invoice with a definite identification of the bike (e.g. frame number). We therefore recommend to always make sure that you receive the original purchase invoice of the bike.

    On the other hand, a commercial vendor is liable towards a private customer for a certain period. He is allowed to limit the time period in the contract but is not allowed to exclude the material defect liability completely. The exact details are governed by national laws.

  • I purchased my Haibike online and have a service issue. What can I do?

    The seller is the central point of contact who will handle the assessment and processing of the damage. Get in contact with them as soon as possible.

  • How long is the Haibike liability and/or warranty period?

    The statutory liability for material defects applies to the entire bicycle for two years. Excluded from this are wear and tear parts. You can get more information about the wear and tear parts in your Haibike manual. The first owner gets 5 years manufacturer's warranty on the frame starting on the purchase day.

  • What is the difference between warranty and liability?

    Liability is a statutory responsibility of the seller for material defects within a period of 2 years. Warranty, however, is a customized service offered voluntarily by the manufacturer or seller.