Kids eBikes

Kids eBikes


The eMountainbike for kids with 24" wheels ensures that junior riders can keep pace on every adventure. No matter if the terrain gets steeper or the ride last longer, the Yamaha PW-TE motor gives kids that extra surge of power to leave any fatigue in the dust. Differences in strength and fitness are balanced out and a shared family ride becomes an enjoyable experience with a great deal of fun for all. The eBike weighs roughly 20kg and is suitable for kids of 140cm or more in height. The maximum speed is limited to 20km/h so that the youngsters always are in full control of their bike and can ride in safety. Whether on cycle paths or over easy terrain, this kids' eMTB definitely whets their appetite for more so that bike kids may grow up to become ambitious eBikers who will leave their parents standing.

Do you fancy an eBike ride with the kids? Then the 2022 kids ebike is the perfect start to the family’s next adventure.

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