Please note, the availability of speed pedelec bikes in Sweden is limited. Contact your closest dealer to find your Haibike.

If you cycle daily through the concrete jungle powering towards work or enjoy tackling longer rides across country in your leisure time, then our Speed Pedelecs are the right companion for you. With a speed of 45km/h, our Trekking S-Pedelecs give you reliable support, allowing you to discover new rides on two wheels. With the additional power of the high-performance drive units from Bosch and Yamaha, you can cover longer distances faster than ever before. Thanks to the bike’s equipment which complies with road traffic regulations, such as mudguards, lights and reflectors, as well as reliable, sturdy components, you are guaranteed to arrive safely and quickly at your destination. The comfortable riding position ensures a relaxed, fun ride uphill and down. Speed Pedelecs are ideal for commuters or biking explorers. They are much more than a means of transport – these stylish S-Pedelecs will get you everywhere at top speed in your daily life and in your leisure time and you don’t have to worry any more about traffic jams.

In the mood for speed? Then take a look at our 2021 Trekking S-Pedelecs to find the perfect model for you.

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